Monday, April 09, 2007

Sanity Sweet Sanity

What Ho Proles!

Bank Holiday Monday and I look back on a few weeks of bliss since I had my nervous breakdown in January.

You might have been wondering what happened to me but I’ve spent two months away in the Caribbean, enjoying the cricket, and otherwise learning to live like a native. I tell you that I feel quite odd not having neither sand between my toes nor a mango within easy reach.

When I’m not feeling the stress of jet lag, I’ll tell you about my breakdown. There are some amusing elements to it, though the outcome was far from humorous. However, my mood is now much calmer and I think I’ve discovered a kinder side to the Murgatroid personality.

That’s why I think I managed to control my temper, nor fire My Man on the spot, when I came home yesterday morning and discovered that he’s been living the high life. He seemed quite put out by my return and it took a good ten minutes for him to relinquish my dressing gown. I think in the long term I might have to reconsider his employment. I won’t need him as much, you see, as I’ve discovered a new pleasure to be hand by being self-sufficient.

Dr. Gruber, my medical man, suggested that my nerves had been fraying for a while and a total collapse was only to be expected given my tendency to direct blame to my staff. Part of my cure has been to see the consequences of my own actions. And I feel a better man for it. From now on, this blog is going to change. I’m a new man, a new Murgatroid, and a new type of Tory.

Your humble and now officially sane servant,


Ms Baroque said...


Imagine! I've stumbled in here fresh from the glare of a striptease (sorry; don't even ask; it's a funny old world sometimes) only to find that these corridors look distinctly familiar. I've been here before! Amazing! And amusing, I think you'll agree.

I remember your "about me" description from my first visit: it reminded me of a dear old friend of mine and made me laugh, in a fond, indulgent way.

So glad you are over your delusional belief in self-exculpation - I think you'll be the happier for it, and I shall pop in with posh cakes from time to time to see how you're getting on.

(BTW, I'd give the man the dressing gown. You'll clearly be needing a new one now.)

Jacob P. Murgatroid said...

Ms. Baroque,

'The glare of a striptease'? You really must explain more or refrain from posting details of your lurid private life in the home of a gentleman and a scholar.

However, I'd delighted you've dropped by. I'm a fan of all things baroque; though I know I shouldn't. The Reformation is to be blamed for so much that's gone wrong in the country. The rise of the baroque was probably the only good outcome.

Do drop by again. Posh cakes sound a treat. I'm sure the staff will enjoy them.